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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Princess Addison Gets Angry review

Princess Addison Gets Angry (Princess Heart) description:

Princess Addison is used to getting whatever she wants. But when it starts raining and she can't go outside with her dogs, she gets very angry. Princess Addison becomes Princess Angry and must learn how to deal with her emotions.

My Review:

Princess Addison gets Angry is a part of  the Princess Heart series, which addresses emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness and being scared.  It was written for young children, preschool or younger.  As such the sentences are short and the story is simple.

I understand that in order to address anger, the princess must have something to be angry about, but this particular princess just strikes me as being spoiled.  The story opens with the fact that she has a butler.  I suppose all 'princesses' do, but explain to a 4 year old princess of your own what a butler is and then why she doesn't have one and you will see how this could become an issue.

Then Addison becomes angry over not being able to go outside with her dogs due to rain.  There are a HUGE amount of things that a preschool child might become angry about: a friend takes a toy, someone takes your turn in line, having to clean up before you are done playing.  Not many preschoolers I know are going to get angry about not being able to go outside when it rains.  This may just be me though.

Mom does give some good, universal advice though.  It's okay to get angry, but never hit people or break things.  You can take a deep breath, go for a walk (but it's raining so I'm not sure how this would work within the story??), read a book, and/or tell someone about it.  Being angry doesn't last forever.

The illustrations are adorable, reminiscent of Mary Engelbreit.  The story has a good moral and some practical advice.  It is going to take some work on the parents part to help your preschooler to draw similarities between Princess Addison's situation and their own angry situations though.

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