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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jesus Calling Bible Storybook
Jesus Calling Bible Storybook Description:

Jesus is calling out to our hearts, and you can hear His voice in every story in the Bible. These carefully selected stories are paired with new children’s devotions from Sarah Young and will help young hearts understand God’s grand plan to send His Son, Jesus, to save His children and prepare a place for us in heaven. 

Bestselling author Sarah Young has touched millions of lives through her devotionals based on Scripture and written as though Jesus is speaking directly to the reader. This book will lead God’s children, young and old, to talk to Jesus through prayer and to listen to His voice speaking love to their hearts.

My Review:

I LOVE Sarah Young's way of presenting God's promises to us in a personal way.  I first discovered Ms. Young when I read 40 Days With Jesus: Celebrating His Presence, which prompted me to purchase the year long devotional (Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence). When she published Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids I bought it! I type up the devotionals and add a picture to them and include them in my daughter's lunch box every day. When I saw this title,Jesus Calling Bible Storybook I was excited to have one to share with my preschooler.

But this one is so much more than the others! It includes 49 Old Testament stories and 51 New Testament stories presented with beautiful illustrations (thank you Caroline Farias)and a great age appropriate narration. According to Young this book was "designed to help young children come to know God's Word and enjoy the Presence of Jesus in their lives. This book tells the wonderful story of God's great love for His people." I have to say that this has definitely been accomplished.

The Bible portions that have been included show God's love from creation, through Abraham, David, and finally the life of Jesus as well a reminder that "one day, things will become perfect the way God wants them to be. Someday God's love-brighter than the brightest sun-will be the only light we the vision that Jesus showed to John, God and his children lived together as one perfect, happy family--the way it was supposed to be back in the Garden with Adam and Eve all those years ago." I found the stories to follow the Biblical account very closely and that made me happy. So many children's Bibles turn the accounts into fairy tales.

What I especially enjoyed is that at the end of each story is a Bible verse that corresponds to the events as well as a devotional in the expected Saray Young style. For example, the devotion after the story of Ruth and Naomi reads: Everything that happens fits into My plan for good if you love Me. Trust Me with big things, like your friendships and future dreams. You can also trust Me for little, everyday things. Remember how I took care of Ruth and Naomi. Nothing is too big or too small for Me. So talk with me about everything.

And the watercolor illustrations are absolutely GORGEOUS! I would love to frame some of them!

If you have a young child, this is a book you need to have on your bookshelf!  

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