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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Pocket Full of Kisses

A Pocket Full of Kisses

In this tender sequel to the New York Times bestseller and children's classic The Kissing Hand, Audrey Penn provides parents with another tale of love and reassurance to share with their children. Chester Raccoon has a baby brother-and the baby brother is taking over his territory. When Chester sees his mother give his baby brother a Kissing Hand-his Kissing Hand-he is overcome with sadness, but Mrs. Raccoon soothes his fears with her own special brand of wisdom, finding just the right way to let Chester know he is deeply loved. Brought to life by Barbara Leonard Gibson's warm illustrations, this story is perfect for families who are adjusting to all the changes new members can bring.

This is a wonderful sequel to The Kissing Hand where our little friend Chester's family has been blessed by a new addition.  The problem is that Chester isn't so enamored with  little Ronny anymore now that he plays with his toys, follows him around and pulls Chester's tail.  Mom tries to explain that Ronny just wants to be like him and that is what little brothers do.  However mom sees that Chester is in need of some extra TLC and offers him the kissing hand, which makes it all better, until Chester sees Ronny get one as well.  Suddenly Chester is concerned that mom will run out of kisses which prompts mom to let him know in a very special way that moms never run out of love for all of their children.

This book was brought into my home soon after the birth of my second child, and has stood the test of time with the addition of two more children.  The tender way in which mom reassures Chester rather than just brushing his fears and concerns away is heartwarming.  The way that she makes sure that Chester "really" get it that she will never run out of love for both him and his brother is great.  Many children get concerned that they may not be loved as much with the new addition to a family and this book goes a long way towards calming those fears as well as teaching that big brother, or sister, is someone to look up to.  They are a person that their sibling wants to imitate.

Again the illustrations are beautiful and the pages have just enough words to get the point across to a toddler or preschooler without so many that they get bored with the page.  There is a perfect balance between interest in the illustration and the story.  

Even if your family only includes one child, this story still has a place in your home as children often experience times when they feel "less loved" and this will help reassure them that mom, and dad, will always love them.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review only.

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