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Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Not About Me Review

It's Not About Me: Rescue From the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy

Publisher's Description:
Pop culture and psychobabble tell us to make ourselves the center of the universe in order to be happy. Churches have communicated the false idea that God exists to give us all that we selfishly want. In this book, Max Lucado reminds us that it's not about us, it's all about God. It is through this shift in thinking that we can truly live an unburdened, happy life.

My Review:
 Seriously, if you have a Kindle or an E-reader, definitely buy this book!  Amazon has It's Not About Me: Rescue From the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy for a low price of $2.99 which this book is well worth!

Max begins with the reminder that at one time we thought that everything revolved around us, the sun, the moon, the stars.  We were the center of it all.  Until Copernicus came along and proved otherwise.  It is time for us to realize that while we may all agree that the solar system doesn't revolve around us, neither does God, or the world or just about anything else.  This life we have is NOT about us, it is about reflecting the glory of God.

The book is broken into two sections, God-Pondering, in which we are shown why the center is and should be God in sections such as Holy Different, His Unchanging Hand, and God's Great Love.  Max helps us to recognize (or to remember) just how awesome God is and just how little we really are.  It was in this section that I really fell in love with this book.   For those of you who have been around a while please recall my review of David Platt's book Radical (you can read it here if you don't remember).  I really had issue with the way Platt addresses the concept of God being the center of everything.  For me, he made it sound as if God were a spoiled brat  that wanted it to be all about him.  Yet here is Lucado discussing the same concept.  This time though, I get it.  Lucado uses the analogy of God as being the captain of a lifeboat after a major accident in the dark.  You don't want the captain slinking along quietly and no one really knows where he is or where to get help.  You want him to be LOUD.  Those who do get rescued know what it was to be in the water and fearful so when they get on board the boat they start being LOUD too so that others can find the saver, the lifeboat captain.  The mission isn't about them, they can't save anyone, it is about the captain.  Same message (the captain/God is at the center and is the important one) just different ways of explaining it.  Personally, Lucado's rings true for me.

The second section is entitled God-Promoting.  Seven sections are devoted to how we get LOUD for God to help others find him.  Lucado covers how we promote him in our bodies, our actions etc.  Again Lucado makes some wonderful analogies that really help the reader to see and understand.

It doesn't end with just the book though.  At the end is a wonderful chapter by chapter study guide to help you go deeper, to help you examine and reflect.

While it is no secret that I am a fan of Max Lucado books, I am one for a reason.  He has a God given talent for breaking down concepts and putting them in terms we can understand.  He uses scripture to back up what he writes, and always points back to God. 

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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